Receive emergency dental care during non-business hours in Granville, MA 01034 (855) 263-4605

There are times when you can’t immediately see your family dentist. You might have broken a crown after office hours, in which case you need immediate assistance that can’t wait. Situations like this call for emergency dentistry. Let our professional team at Granville assist you with your needs. We provide 24-hour, on-call emergency dental care for active patients of record. If an emergency occurs during non-business hours, simply call our office and our emergency answering service will contact our on-call staff. At your first visit, you will receive a phone information card listing emergency numbers.

Emergency dental care in Granville, MA

In pain and need care right away, come to Urgent Care Dental. Urgent Care is available nights and weekends to ease your toothache and treat the issue. For injury and immediate care come right in. Whether a laceration or a lost tooth Urgent Care can help right away.

Urgent Care Dental in Granville, MA (855) 263-4605

We understand that in emergency situations you may be anxious and concerned. The treating Dentist at Our Dental Clinic will be highly skilled in providing Emergency Dental Care sympathetically and professionally. Follow up treatment can be provided if requested.

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